Every year, thousands of prospective students in America apply to law school. Their goal is to fulfill their dream of becoming a lawyer. Not all will be admitted to the law school of their choice, and many who are admitted will not be able to complete the very rigorous programs that are required of students who attend the best law schools in America. For those who do succeed, there still exists the final hurdle of passing the bar exam before their goal is finally achieved.

Those students that are most ambitious about their legal careers will of course want to attend the best law schools that they can. It will require a lot of preparation, planning and hard work on their part. On this website, you will find the information you need to get admitted into one of the best United States law schools.

Getting into the Best USA Law Schools

To get admitted into one of best law schools in the United States, you will need to start preparing early. It all starts with your undergraduate education. Choose a school that has good success in preparing students for admission into law school. Keep in mind that not all schools will offer a program that is designated as "pre-law". Undergraduate majors that are most frequently selected by students who want to be admitted to the best law schools include: Political Science, English, International Relations, Communication, Sociology, Psychology, History, Economics, and Business. These are all appropriate choices because they develop the student's analytical, critical thinking, communication, and writing skills. Some of these majors also develop the student's understanding of human and societal behavior, as well as understanding of legal, governmental and business systems.

You will also need an excellent GPA to get admitted to the best USA law schools. Strive for a 4.0, but make sure you are still taking rigorous and challenging courses. Law school admission officers will give preference to students who have shown a history of excelling at demanding coursework.

Finally, you will need to score very high on the LSAT, the Law School Admission Test. Invest in a reputable LSAT preparation course. You will need all the help you can get to prepare yourself for this test, as it is one of the key determinants for admission into the best law schools in America. Start early and make sure you dedicate plenty of time to prepare for this extremely important part of the process.

Finding the Best United States Law Schools

Once you are ready to start the research process, you will want to identify and narrow down your list of target law schools. You can start by looking through our lists of the top 100 law schools, top 50 law schools and top 20 law schools. Be ambitious, but also be realistic in your choices. Include some of the best USA law schools in your final list, but also some schools where your chances of admission will be higher. The competition is extreme at the best law schools in America, so increase your chances of admission by also choosing some less competitive schools.

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